Life is a Bicycle is an inspiring philosophy of success, designed to help you discover your true north of professional endeavor, or in essence  -  your authentic and unique individuality.

Life is a Bicycle "is the 'What Color is your Parachute?' of the 21st Century.  Very insightful and a wonderful metaphor in using the bike."                                                                                   --- M. Carrier/goodreads' review

By employing the metaphysical bicycle (a construct devised by the author so one can easily remember the necessary elements of success) with Russian philosopher Lev Shestov's concept of 'taking a pilgrimage through great souls', (quotes from great men and women) the reader explores and answers three key philosophical questions:

1. Who am I?       2. What am I?       3. Where do I belong?  

The purpose of the book is to bring the reader to a point where they can emphatically say they live a life true to their inner essence, full of contentment, passion, and joy.

Whether you are a graduate choosing a major, a professional deciding on a career, or anyone wishing to get from life their very best - Life is a Bicycle helps you to discover what you were elegantly engineered, and uniquely designed to do in this world.

To be yourself is the greatest privilege of life.
— Thomas Carlyle
If I am not I, who will be?
— Henry David Thoreau