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Historically, men and women have worked to provide the bare essentials for everyday life.  Life is a Bicycle explores work's next generation of thought and examines its higher purpose: to nurture the advancing mind and unfold the soul. It is your birthright to express yourself harmoniously through your daily work.  

The Message

Timeless philosophical thought is melded with the symbol of the bicycle in an effort to communicate a truth in the only way it can be successfully communicated - indirectly.  The use of the bicycle endeavors to clothe the ideal of discovering one's professional true north in a recognizable and perceptible form. It makes the metaphysical act of obtaining one's authentic work physical, understandable, and most importantly - actionable.  The ubiquitous and universally recognized bicycle becomes a metaphor for work: cycling, the act of performing one's work.  Why?  Because life is a bicycle - if you stop pedaling, you'll fall off.

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The more I study physics, the more I am drawn to metaphysics.

Albert Einstein


Upon reading Life is a Bicycle you will be on your way to discovering your true north of professional endeavor and living an authentic life.  And just like one of the characters in the book, Sisyphus, a moon full of dreams that you are fated to achieve will be joyfully fixed atop your shoulders. Your True North will be aligned with your destiny, directly ahead and clearly in view.       Take care.


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